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6th Grade Teachers

Teacher contact information is available through the Aeries Student Portal

Amy Hunter-Burns

6th Grade Teacher

Heidi Kneff-Eacott

6th Grade Teacher

Dolores Krier

6th Grade Teacher

Nuala Means

6th Grade Teacher

Kelly Salisbury

6th Grade Teacher


Sixth Grade



Camp registration money paid to ASB was refunded by checks mailed home or credit card card refunds. If you did not receive your refund, please contact  Barbara Jarrard at immediately.

Homework is Important!

Homework is assigned on a regular basis.  It is assigned as an extension of work done in class or to challenge students to extend their thinking.  Regular completion of homework helps to develop good study habits and responsibility for self.  It is recommended that every student in the Simi Valley Unified School district read 15 to 30 minutes per night.

Assisting students to reach high academic standards is a primary goal of the Simi Valley Unified School District.

The California content standards define the learning objectives for Mathematics, English, Social Studies and Science. The Content standards can be found on-line at