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P.E. Teachers

Teacher contact information is available through the Aeries Student Portal

Peter Lutz

Physical Education Teacher

Lance Martin

Physical Education Teacher

Cheryl Miller

Physical Education Teacher

Denver Smith

Physical Education Teacher



Games * Fitness * Sports * Dance * Portfolio * Social Skills

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!  Through a variety of activities our curriculum teaches fitness, recreational and sport skills, game strategies, teamwork, personal and social skills.


Please refer to the teacher's Classroom Management Plans for information about distance learning PE.

Fall 2021 Classroom Management Plans


6TH GRADE: Basketball, folk dance, partner/group challenges, Frisbee, striking games (foot, paddle, bat), volley tennis, track fitness lab, throwing/catching games, training for and taking the California State Fitness Tests.

7TH GRADE: Badminton, basketball, football, group challenges, lacrosse, soccer, softball, street hockey, volley tennis, fitness lab, training for and taking the California State Fitness Tests.

8TH GRADE: Basketball, football, pickle ball, soccer, softball, volleyball, fitness lab, lawn tennis, new field games, training for and taking the California State Fitness Tests


Bumper Sticker:

     Google Classroom Code: jq3use4

P.E. Clothes

Please visit the ASB page for information about purchasing P.E. clothes.

Sinaloa Students have H.E.A.R.T.

H = Honesty

E = Encouragement

A = Active Listening

R = Respect / Responsibility

T = Teamwork

Rainy Days & Fridays

Rainy Wednesdays and Fridays: Whenever possible, classes will walk/run on the blacktop, ramps, and on the sidewalk underneath the overhang to maintain fitness.

Rainy Day Activities: Students suit, meet in gym.  Classes exercise, then disperse to participate in recreation:  board games, foosball; and caroms in the aerobics room; box hockey in the foyer, table tennis and/or team games in the gym.