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Music Teacher

Isaac Arias

Music Teacher

Visual Arts Teacher

Kristen Monzello

Art Teacher


Art & Music

Arts and Crafts

Student Landscapes


Art I

Student Art Example Student Art Example Student Art Example

Students will concentrate on Drawing Skills by doing a variety of projects using different materials.  You will learn how to “look” at art and the world around you through the eyes of an artist!  You will do projects that will improve hand-eye coordination by drawing “what you see”!  Students will keep a daily sketchbook.  Projects may include: marker, charcoal, scratchboard, watercolor, ink, collage, and more!  (Most projects will be 2-dimensional).  Use art to express your feelings and communicate your ideas!  Whether or not you have ever taken Art before, or plan to continue in the future, you will learn new ways to draw and have fun, too!

Arts & Crafts

Student Art ExampleStudent Art Example
Students will learn skills using a variety of Crafts materials!   Re-invent Crafts created throughout history and various cultures in your own unique way!  Good craftsmanship skills will be emphasized!  Some projects we MAY do, (it changes year to year!), will include using materials like:   wood, mosaic pieces, paper mache, paint, fiber (fabric or yarn), and paper.  The projects in THIS class are mostly 3-dimensional.  Combine the skills learned with your creative mind to create beautiful works of Crafts!


Student Art ExampleStudent Art Example

Did you know that CERAMICS is another word for CLAY?   If you think you would like to learn how to work with clay, CERAMICS class is for you!  In this class you will learn the basics of the three hand building methods of clay:  Pinch, Coil, and Slab.  You may make projects ranging from clay tiles, masks, bowls, vases, or even sculptures.  Get ready to get your hands dirty with this fun elective!

Art 2  (Advanced Art)

Student Art ExampleStudent Art Example

Some students hear the word “Advanced”, and they think that means the class will be difficult.  This is NOT true in Advanced Art,  (ART 2)!  It simply means that students in that class have excelled in learning the basics in ART 1, and are ready to explore new Art ideas and do more involved projects!  We will be creating works of Art inspired by other artists and Art styles, but in our very own unique way!


Sinaloa’s award winning music program consists of Beginning Band, Concert Band, Jazz Band, and Mixed Chorus. 

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