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English Teachers

Teacher contact information is available through the Aeries Student Portal

Amy Aras

English Teacher

Alexis Chupp

English Teacher

Heidi Kneff-Eacott

6th Grade Teacher

Nuala Means

6th Grade Teacher

Natalie Nordberg

English Teacher

Kathryn Royal

English Teacher

Kelly Salisbury

English & 6th Grade Teacher



  Accelerated Reader

  Create a Home Connect account to view your students test progress! Questions? Contact your students English teacher!  

A great new tool to help students find books they'll enjoy at their reading levels!  Go to: 

Using the BookAlike tool on this page, students can enter in the title of a book they've enjoyed reading, and the system will pick out similar books at the same level for them!  You can also adjust the reading level to find similar books at easier levels or more difficult levels. 

Happy reading!

Assisting students to reach high academic standards is a primary goal of the Simi Valley Unified School District. 


The California content standards define the learning objectives for English.  The Content standards can be found on-line at:

                 cde standards