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Teen Club

Sinaloa Teen Club Information



Sinaloa Middle School celebrates academic excellence through our Renaissance program.  The program encourages and recognizes students through pep rallies and weekly rewards.  All Renaissance students are given a special wristband to wear every Wednesday. Eligibility for the program consists of:

  • Attendance at Sinaloa for at least one semester
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 or a 0.5 GPA improvement in quarter grades
  • No U’s in citizenship on semester report card
  • No F’s for semester grades.

Fall Renaissance Rally - TBD

Spring Renaissance Rally - TBD


Intramural Sports

Sports programs will be available both at lunch and after school.  Students may check out sports equipment at lunch after they have finished eating.  Students will need to deposit a photo ID in order to check out equipment.

Various sports will be offered at lunch through homeroom competition or individual/team sign-ups.  Some of the sports offered might be basketball, football, hockey, ping pong, soccer, softball, and volleyball.

Fall  - Boy's and Girl's Intramural Basketball - TBD

Winter  - Volleyball - TBD

Spring  - Soccer - TBD

Homeroom Activities

Students are encouraged to support their own homeroom in the noontime activities; dress-up days, magazine sale, PTSA membership drive and community help projects.  The leadership class awards Spirit points and winning grade-level homerooms receive a special reward trip at the end of each semester!

Student Government

There are two ways to be a part of student government at Sinaloa.  Each homeroom will elect a student council representative and an alternate for Sinaloa’s Student Council.  These students will be responsible for keeping their homeroom informed of all student activities.  They will also relay concerns and requests to the Student Council officers. A student may also be a member of the leadership class.  Eighth grade students and second semester seventh grade students may be in this class.  Eligibility requirements are 2.5 or higher GPA, no “N’s” or “U’s” in citizenship, and faculty approval.  All student council officers are elected from the leadership class.